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speech therapy


Whether you are working with a new or existing diagnosis, we are here to help you be the most knowledgeable and powerful advocate you
can be for your child.

Speech and Language Therapy & Evaluations​

We offer private, customized speech and language therapy for each client who enters our office that utilizes each child’s strengths and targets areas of need.  

Preschool Language Group

This small group setting allows for unique speech and language learning opportunities for the youngest learners.

Social Skills​

Some children and adults benefit from direct instruction and practice in social skills, either individually or in a small group setting, to improve their knowledge and use of social communication. 


Utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach as well as other multi-sensory tools and resources, these sessions will improve reading, spelling and writing skills at all levels.

Special Educational Consultations

These sessions provide the support and inspiration needed by parents of children with special needs, with the goal of empowering them to become effective team members in their child’s education.

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